Claim Management Studio

Sama International wields a bespoke contract, project and claim management software aimed at dispute avoidance and commercial settlement. It enables us to empower our clients’ commercial position and substantiate their documentation since it provides sophisticated outputs in terms of delay analysis, culpability, and concurrency.

Sama International offers extensive commercial, project, programming, contracts, and claim management to companies that are undertaking complex projects in the construction, infrastructure, power, oil, and gas industries. We provide expert assistance that complement and supplement our clients’ existing team capabilities by integrating our internationally based resources into one cohesive project team to deliver their project whilst ensuring programme certainty and cost stability.

The primary objective is the implementation of Claims Management Studio (‘CMS’) on our clients’ projects which is an innovative and bespoke software with effective contract and programme management capabilities built around sophisticated delay analysis and delay avoidance tools and procedures. CMS has been utilised on projects worldwide from commencement to completion and has also been implemented for claim preparation and defence purposes. Our clients benefit from the assurances the software provides in determining their programme position, minimising the extent of any liquidated damages, and maximising the extent of entitlement to extensions of time and associated additional costs arising therefrom.


  • Ensures conformity of the Primavera programmes submitted by the client
  • Provides sophisticated and accurate outputs in terms of delay analysis, delay mapping, culpability, and concurrency through software algorithms
  • Provides a wide range of programme reviews and integrity checks
  • Acts as an early warning system since it determines the delay events as they arise and categorises their criticality
  • Keeps a proper evidential record of each delay event and reminds the project team to issue follow up related correspondence
  • Prepares a mini claim at the end of every monthly update
  • A proprietary and customisable software to meet each client’s specific requirements
  • Integrates with existing client systems
  • Offers strategic oversight of the timing of notices and interim claim particulars


  • Reduces the manual/mechanical process of delay analysis and eliminates inconsistencies in submissions
  • Performs a variety of delay analysis methodologies
  • Maximisation of entitlement to extensions of time and prolongation, disruption and/or additional costs
  • Promotes dispute avoidance and commercial settlement
  • Provides a strong commercial position based on known outcomes
  • Facilitates decision making process and delay mitigation at the earliest point in the programme
  • Reduces manual data entry work of the planning team allowing more time to review results and suggest corrective actions
  • Ensures savings by reducing the number of internal resources required and eliminates the need for the engagement of expensive international claim consultants
  • Formalises project procedures and adopts the industry’s best practices
  • Reduces internal bias through an external perspective and provides an honest impartial view
  • Provides strategic management and eliminates internal competition